Technology Breakout Sessions: Optimizing for Performance & Stability

Technology Breakout Sessions: Optimizing for Performance & Stability

Posted by Brittany on Tuesday, April 09, 2013 | 0 comments.

Performance and stability are the cornerstone of any ecommerce business – and that means optimizing everything from your cache management and data organization, to normalizing URLs and eliminating bottlenecks in your site’s backend.  Fortunately, this morning’s breakout sessions provided some great strategies on how to not only identify problem areas, but also how to solve them.

Kicking off the morning was Fabrizio Branca from AOEmedia, who gave a fantastic presentation on how AOEmedia optimized performance for Rovio’s Angry Birds Magento EE site.  According to Fabrizio, it all comes down to differentiating between “good” data (the stuff you want to keep) and “bad” data (the stuff you should get rid of right away) – and then making sure you handle the “good” data in the most efficient way.  From using Ajax requests instead of full page caching, to implementing asynchronous caching tools, AOEmedia’s presentation really came through with some great new ideas for the Magento community to test out.

Also – check out another awesome contribution from Fabrizio to this Imagine 2013  – a fully responsive live Twitpic wall: Thanks Fabrizio!

Next up we had Greg Strelzoff from Zerolag, who gave a great overview of what to look for in a hosting partner – a decision that can make or break your Magento site’s stability and performance. Key takeaways?  Infrastructure is like the foundation of your house – it it’s not solid, then your whole house is in danger!  Strelzoff recommends Magento Enterprise merchants opt for fully managed hosting to make sure they get the stability and support so their customers always have a great shopping experience on their site.

And finally, Vitaliy Golomoziy and Anton Kaplya from Magento’s Expert Consulting Group (ECG) providing a peek into not only how they improve performance, but also into what motivates them: ensuring that the end customer has a seamless shopping experience on Magento sites – every single time.   To learn how they optimized performance for large instances with over 100K products and several websites and stores, make sure to check out their deck, along with all other breakout session decks – we’ll post them after we wrap up the conference.

Stay tuned for more great breakouts this afternoon!