Kicking off Day One with SEO in Magento Implementations

Posted by Brittany on Tuesday, April 09, 2013 | 0 comments.

It’s day one at the 2013 Imagine conference. The afternoon brought a standing room only and incredibly useful session on Search Engine Optimization taught by the Magento U instructor, Kevin Eichelberger from Blue Acorn.  The session, targeted at merchants, covered everything you need to know about SEO, starting from the basics, how to improve your ranking, and most importantly, how to set up and configure SEO in Magento.

Do you know what determines your search engine ranking? It’s 60% offsite content, 30% onsite content, and 10% technical that determines your rank.  Some of the top factors of ranking onsite content include the uniqueness of content, freshness of content, site architecture and key phrase usage on a site.  Onsite technical factors take error pages, site performance and age of domain name into consideration when ranking. These are just some of the useful nuggets from the SEO session.

The session went through several exercises, showing how to set up SEO in a Magento storefront.  These included technical configurations, settings and tools to help optimize a site for SEO.  The exercises were very detailed, showing step by step how to go into the admin panel and make changes and improvements. For those new to Magento, the session showed ways to migrate SEO, making sure all current SEO value is retained.

If you are looking for help in developing best practice skills for maintaining your Magento site for optimal visibility and traction, this was the session to attend. The good news is that this SEO session will be offered as a Magento U course to anyone interested in learning how to optimize your Magento website for SEO.  The full course will be offered on the Magento U web site in May so check the site for details.