Imagine Day 2 Afternoon Keynotes – Big Data & Big Stories – Two Big Ideas

Imagine Day 2 Afternoon Keynotes – Big Data & Big Stories – Two Big Ideas

Posted by danny on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 | 0 comments.

One of the many elements that attendees love about the Imagine eCommerce conference is that the keynote roster is jam-packed with interesting and provocative speakers who are not necessarily experts in Magento or eCommerce.  Last year Blake Nordstrom talked about the importance and art of delivering incredible customer service, and Marten Mickos shared insights into trends around open source business models.

This year’s Imagine continues that theme.  The Day 2 afternoon keynotes featured experts in fields that are critical to all merchants: data and storytelling.

Stephen Messer started the discussion around big data.  Except, he argued, it’s not about big data, it’s all about big answers.  Rather than getting buried in mounds of every data, Stephen urged merchants to spot patterns in the data to spark creative thinking and identify bright spots for innovation. Stephen’s message certainly resonated with attendees who operate in the infinitely trackable world of online marketing and sales, but don’t always know how to leverage the right data to derive key insights and make smart decisions.

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Tim Kring continued the conversation with a discussion about the importance of storytelling.  Tim shared some of his experiences to show how storytelling is rapidly evolving and incorporating new mediums created by new social and mobile technologies.  In a conference entitled “What’s Your Story” Tim’s message was on-point, helping merchants understand that storytelling today is interactive, and that brands need to let their customers help write the story to ensure success.

The story continues tomorrow at 9am with Jim FitzGibbon telling his story about the importance of culture at the Four Seasons Hotels.