Imagine 2013 Day 2 Morning Keynotes – Welcome to the Art of Commerce

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It’s 9am on Day 2 of Imagine…time for the kickoff keynote presentations.   1,500+ people are packed into an auditorium that is vibrating with excitement.    The passion within the Magento Community beats stronger and louder than ever.

The lights dim, it’s completely dark and then..pow.  There’s Taylor McFerrin welcoming the crowd to this morning’s session with his world-famous sound.  It’s absolutely incredible.

In keeping with the conference’s theme, The Art of Commerce, this year’s Imagine main stage is a work of art…literally.   The team assembled an enormous, 21′ x 65′ 3D facade on which incredible stuff is projected.   The set design is stunning, and very cool!

9:10 Enter Roy Rubin

Magento COO Roy Rubin takes the stage to kick off the morning keynote address.   Roy introduces the audience to some of the incredible growth at Magento over the past year, sharing a great video featuring key leaders across the Magento team.

Roy then shared his excitement about bringing Magento into the eBay family, showing a video highlighting all the incredible things eBay is doing around the world to help merchant compete and win!

Roy then welcomed to the stage eBay inc. CEO John Donahoe.

9:30 John Donahoe

John danced onto stage and pumped up the crowd, asserting that Magento developers are some of the best and most passionate around.  His keynote focused on how technology is “obliterating” the lines between online and offline, calling it all “connected commerce.”  John highlighted four key trends and areas of focus for eBay – Mobile, Local, Global and Data.  eBay and Magento’s investments in these areas are helping are empowering merchants to succeed.

Following the presentation, Roy interviewed John: